Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A yearly event that allows the members of CWILL BC to showcase new titles to teachers and members of the Vancouver Children's Literary Roundtable...tonight. It's a privilege to be in the company of such a fine group of writers and illustrators. Each author/illustrator was limited to a two-minute discussion of his or her latest work. Dashing Dan Bar-El (whose amazing Alphabetter Book has just been put, via the BC government, into the hands of every child entering kindergarten in the province this year) dressed up as an old Yiddish faerie, to the vast amusement of all present. Ann Walsh came down from the Cariboo with her hat and drum (but without her book). Author Kari Lynn Winters and audacious illustrator Cynthia Nugent both sang their way into our hearts. In all, 30 BC authors and illustrators strutted their stuff, followed by a smashing speech by Nan Gregory on the subject of her varied and unique writing career. Stage-managing the event with great aplomb behind the scenes and in front of the mike was illustrator (and graphic novelist) Kathie Shoemaker.

A good time was had by all.
Tomorrow I am off to Whistler to commune with the denizens of the local high school. Have to miss yoga for this -- so I plan to align my chakras and get me some mountain Zen while I am there.

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