Sunday, November 25, 2007

Montreal and Back Again...

I am back in Toronto in my terribly posh hotel, drinking hot chocolate and contemplating a speedy but lovely day in Montreal with the effervescent, triple-hitting Bulwyr-Lytton (AND record-holding SiWC Silly Writing contest winner) Pamela Patchet. Ferried about by her most excellent husband, the fine Dr. Hamilton, I had a chance to have a quick glimpse of the old city, whilst sharing lunch with a dear friend.

It was, in fact, a great deal snowier than this stock publicity shot would imply.

I did manage to take a few more seasonally accurate pictures that I will post on my return.

I glided back into Toronto, courtesy Via Rail, to the sight of a heroically green CN Tower, leading our Engineer to leap onto the crackly pa system (circa 1930, I am sure) to announce Saskatchewan's triumph in the Grey Cup. I walked off my train in Union Station as each and every member of the Grey Cup audience descended into the subway. A sea of people...

Sadly, at this hotel, they close the gym unconscionably early for people still keeping BC hours who have been sitting on a train much of the day and need a workout. Looks like tomorrow morning will have to do.

Instead, I am drinking lovely hot chocolate WITH whipped cream, just to console myself.



Trudy said...

Hi Karen!
Sounds like a great tour. Are you ever nervous talking in front of all these teens? I'm guessing you aren't...
I'm going to look for Marsha's book today. I'll bet it's very personal.


kc dyer said...

Marsha's book is marvellous, Trudy. It was great to get a chance to see her, even if it was too briefly, at her launch.

I LOVE talking to the teens. My favourite age group in the world. They are sweet and funny and earnest and a sink for so much energy. They carry our future in their faces and hearts.

It's such a privilege to get a chance to speak with them. Truly the best part of my job.