Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Past, Present, Future and Not Tense

First of all, as promised -- PORCUPINE, by Meg Tilly. An exquisite read. It felt very much like reading a contemporary WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND. The story of Jack, a 12 year old girl with an old soul. I enjoyed it immensely.

Past Tense -- Writing.Wise event, now over and done with. Most excellent panel, a discussion that could have easily gone on all night and a great crowd. Congratulations to Maryse de la Giroday for a job well done!

Present Tense -- so many things are making me tense at the moment, I can hardly bear to think of them, let alone write them down. Tension is the new zen. Tenz...the acronym.

Future Tense -- most immediately, Hycroft tomorrow night. Then on to the next!

And finally -- let me leave you with this fine example of Seamus in repose -- definitely NOT tense.
(This picture is courtesy of the fact that I could not get Meg's cover pic for Porcupine to post. Will try another day.)


Susan Adrian said...

karen--why are you tense? You're supposed to be RELAXING now, for a few minutes at least!!


kc dyer said...

Ho Ho.

I'll relax in December. Nothing on the calendar then, right?