Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Hail the Cherry Blossom

Yesterday we were all trapped at the top of our driveway by a wicked triple-decker hailstorm. You can get a bit of a feel for the pitch of the driveway in this shot, taken just as the third round of hail was beginning to stick.

Living on the side of a mountain is a risky business when there is hail involved.

Needless to say, the bus was missed, and ultimately I had to shovel away hail in order to get the car down and haul my avid offspring off to the schools they adore.

This shot is blurry, but my camera was having trouble finding a bouncing hail chunk to focus on...

So instead, perhaps we'll zoom in on this, a cherry blossom with the temerity to grow out of the side of the trunk of the tree, instead of up in the branches with all her sisters.

Hang on through the hail, sister!

The weirdest things paralyze my writing day. I've always got a million things going on, and have learned that to get anything done, I pretty much have to work within the gaps. But today writing time was sacrificed to other things -- ostensibly unnecessary, but there, nonetheless.

Here's hoping for a few more words tomorrow.

And no hail.



Hélène Boudreau said...

Hail and cherry blossoms, what a combination!

Hope the words are flowing better today. And three cheers for working within the gaps! :-)

Lottery Girl said...

Oh My! That Cherry Blossom is beautiful.

I adore living in the mountains, but alas, I have few flowers because the deer and elk seem to eat everything except iris. Used to have tulips, daffodils, lilies, etc., but no more. Oh well, give and take.

kc dyer said...

Hi Helene,

Oh, I know you manage the gap-writing with the best of 'em! Thanks for the good wishes.


kc dyer said...

Dear LG,

We are steep enough here (and with sufficient predators) that the deer do not hang around long enough to destroy all the flowers. I like it when they visit, though...