Friday, April 18, 2008

Launches, Soirees and Galas -- oh my!

Went to a lovely Orca Launch at Vancouver Kidsbooks last night. Five new books made their way out into the world in inimitable Kidsbooks style. Shelley Hrdlitschka, Diane Tullson, Annabel Lyon, Kathleen Cook Waldron, Bob Warick and Richard Van Camp had a chance to show us their new books and a good time was had by all. (Many thanks to Mr. Van Camp for his attempt to assuage the back spasm of a party-crasher with accu-pressure.)

Forgot my camera, though I may have a line on a couple of pixs. Stay tuned, will post if I get 'em. In the meantime, we can look at the beautiful cover-babe of Richard's new book. (This particular book is being distributed to every new baby born in the province this year through the Books for BC Babies Initiative -- all 43,000+ of them!)

Saturday night is the BC Book Prizes Soiree -- free to all at the Metropolitan Hotel (645 Howe St, Vancouver) from 7 to 9:00 pm.

I will do a better job of remembering to bring my camera to give you a taste of all the action.

In other news, Silas greeted my return last night having eaten my last dish scrubber and a couple of cushion-tops from the stools in the kitchen. I'm blaming my kids for their poor supervision skills. Because I can.


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