Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At Last!

Saw my first hummer yesterday, and he even gave me a cheerful little dive-bomb on my way past.

Heard another one today.


Will try to get my own photo instead of this stock shot -- a challenge...



Cheryl Wozny said...

Hi Karen,
Couldn't agree with you more regarding the leap to a new operating system. Who knew computing could be like this? A few weeks prior to publishing the first edition of new local community newspaper, I converted from my Dell laptop to my WONDERFUL MacBook Pro. There is absolutely no looking back now! And even better, there is now an authorized Apple repair centre located here in our wonderful community. Here's to happy computing,

kc dyer said...


I am thrilled to hear it -- on all fronts, Cheryl. Welcome to the happy land of the MacBook Pro!