Friday, April 04, 2008

Nonsense, Really

Ah. Well, I tried to link to a picture I found on the BBC website of the oldest extant book in Scotland, (printed in 1508) but alas -- the link has failed me. So you'll just have to take my word for it -- or you can trot off to the Scotly part of the BBC website and see it for yourself. (Scotly -- aka Scottish-ish...your new coinage for the day.)

Instead you'll hve to content yourself with a shot I took from my roof the other day. That's right -- the roof. The sun comes out and the yen to go roof-climbing is just too strong to ignore. So off I went, just climbing around on the roof with the old camera, taking a few shots. This is the edge of Bowen Island to the left, with a bit of Keats Island and a teeny bit of the Sunshine Coast for good measure.

Looks calm and lovely out there, eh? Well, having kayaked that little stretch of waterway a few times, I can tell you that looks are deceiving. Wicked tidal action. Scary winds. Not to mention the wee problem I have every time I kayak. But I digress...

That's it to report for now, I'm afraid. Too much going on and too little time to keep on top of things. I am so drastically behind in email ... does ANYONE ever stay caught up with their email? Surely this is impossible, since an answered email so often begets more of the unanswered variety. I can't seem to manage it, anyway.

Email etc., will have to wait until tomorrow. It's time to return to Neil Gaiman's FRAGILE THINGS. I'm only half way into the first story, but am enjoying it enough to plough on. (Plow or plough? This one always gets me...)

I'll save coherence for another day. I'm sure it will return.



A Novel Woman said...

Oh, that view is to die for. I'd be on my roof all the time. Why don't you put in a staircase and a viewing tower? With a desk? And a bed? And a glass roof so you can sleep looking at the night sky?

I know. It's how my mind works....

Anonymous said...

oooh .. well I did look at wikipedia which is often wrong

'snowplow' is Canadian isn't it ?
but 'plough' and 'plow' used too.

UK is only 'plough'

who knows about USA
'plow' probably - yes - apparently

Interesting question. 'Ploughing on' to my ear sounds like something a Ploughman might well make a point of. 'Plowing on' sounds more the executive ticket.

It's 'The Plough' in England and not 'The Big Dipper'. I like 'The Great Bear' most of all.

Great photo.

Thanks as ever your blog.

All the best with everything - including emails


at Whytecliff, West Van

kc dyer said...

Dear ANW,

Good ideas, all!

I have trouble sleeping in the summer with that night sky on full view. Most of the rest of the time it's not on show sadly...


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Julian -- I guess I can get away with both!

I forgot The Big Dipper is called The Plough in England -- a better name, to my mind, particularly since 'dippers' aren't much in use around here these days...


Anita Daher said... sure live in a beautiful place, kc. Just looking at the photo is calming. I can imagine how it would be in real life...from your roof.

kc dyer said...

Hi Anita!

It's a little less tranquil on the roof -- living on the side of a mountain -- it's a long way down!


Jenny Graman Meyer said...

I had no idea the view from your window was so wonderful! Maybe I'll enlarge your view and tape it to my window. I can see the Middle School and play field from mine (g)!

kc dyer said...

Ha! It sounds lovely. Send me a picture of your view and I will post it, Jenny!