Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kootenay Tour -- Trail and Salmo, Day Four

Started my day by meeting librarian Lori Reiberger at the Trail library, which can be found inside the big civic arena in downtown Trail. (The giant Cominco smelter pictured above looms large above the arena.)

Lori and I travelled to the wonderfully-named Glenmerry School, just outside Trail. Big thanks to Glenmerry Librarian Louise Sidley and all the great kids who welcomed me so warmly to the school. After answering as many questions as they could think up, it was time to say goodbye. Lori pointed me in the right direction, and I zoomed off down the highway to tiny Salmo.
This is the Salmo Museum, to be found in the same building as the town library, where I met Tracy Therrien. Tracy and I drove to the lovely new Salmo Secondary School, where I had a chance to talk to almost the entire student body.

Salmo School librarian Sue Bakken rounded up all the kids and we had a great time talking books, reading and writing, with a few gruesome Plague details thrown in for good measure.

Many thanks to Tracy and Sue and all the kids of Glenmerry and Salmo Secondary for making this such a great day.

The day finished for me with a drive across the Kootenay pass to Cranbrook, where I was met with yet another amazing chandelier...and more on that tomorrow!



That Girl Who was Wearing that Awesome Super Princess Shirt said...

Well, I, as a new Salmonian, really enjoyed your presentation. I finished reading Mrs. Zephyer's Notebook already, and it was pretty darn good. :D

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Super Princess! So glad you liked the book and the presentation. It was great to meet you and your fellow Salmonians!