Thursday, February 18, 2010

Darby, Too...

I have a new book coming out this fall. I'm deep in the middle of edits right now, torn to ribbons between slipping sideways through time, and making it back in order to see the speedskating. Oh, the woes of editing whilst the Games are on!

So perhaps this goes a way toward explaining my hysteria in watching, yet again, another version of my favourite Hitler meme. This time, the first few minutes are devoted to NBC's coverage of the games, but when Adolph moves on to analysis of CTV's coverage, well... I just lose it.
Language is NSFMMOTC [Not safe for most members of the clergy...]

PS...He's speaking metaphorically...


[HT to @dbarefoot for the link]


A Novel Woman said...


(pausing to breathe)


This is in such bad taste, I really can't condone such...


kc dyer said...

My response exactly.

The guy who put it together is the music writer for the Vancouver Sun.