Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hockey Night in Vancouver

Got a chance to watch the only ticketed event I'll make it to for these games...but what an event! The Canada-US hockey game.

High excitement in the air, unbelievable crowds,

[this was on the street, walking to the stadium]

 [this was taken in line to get in...]

terrible officiating over the first period and a half and a less than fairy-tale ending...but still a breath-taking experience.

So much fun! So much noise!

The press corps is in the bank of blue seats you can see in this shot. Essentially 3 full bunks of seats -- a huge chunk of the stadium.

I'm kind of curious just exactly what percentage of the blood volume of the average hockey fan at the game tonight was beer...? Guesses?

Back to the edits in the morning.

And, as an early birthday present for my friend Pamela, HERE and HERE are some words of wisdom for writers, from writers, via...what else? The Guardian. Pam-- I expect you to adhere especially closely to Anne Enright's Rule #8.

Hoping to be able to tell you fer sure fer sure what the actual title of Darby, Too will be later in the week!


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A Novel Woman said...

Ah, you are too kind, my darling.

Loved those lists! Atwood was unexpectedly funny and dry. And yes, Enright's #8 is a given.

In other news, WTF is with Marty Brodeur?? I wanted to smack him.

Ah, well, there's always next time...