Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dis and Dat....a

Hmm. Lotsa news. Let's take it one item at a time, shall we?

One: My Five Fave things about Vancouver appeared on the Raincoast Blog today, courtesy of my once-publicist, the most-awesome Dan Wagstaff. I realized after I posted my answers off to him that pretty much all of the favourites revolved around my stomach and the satisfactory filling thereof.

B. The pix are from an Exceedingly Fun Fieldtrip I took with fellow SiWC folks and friends Kathy Chung, Dale McGladdery and Ingrid Roeske last weekend to the Victoria Film Festival.

We hit the road to see the new documentary called ANNE PERRY: INTERIORS which had been filmed at the conference a couple of years ago. Well worth the trip. [Plus we had lotsa good food. Have I mentioned before that I enjoy that aspect at all...?]

The first shot is at Tswwassen, just ready to float across the Strait. Second is the film festival desk, and third is a sign I spotted on the door of a Very Funky Victoria store, as we were searching for ... food. 

III. Make sure you check out the W2 Real Vancouver Writers' and Culture series blog HERE.

This series runs all through February on Wednesday nights -- with a really incredible line-up of local writers.

I'll be reading at the closing night of the series, with a stellar group: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Steven Galloway, Timothy Taylor, Rhonda Waterfall, The Yarnbombers Leann Prain and Mandy Moore, Weldon Hunter, McKinley M Hellenes, Alex Leslie, Leilah Nadir, Caroline Adderson, Brad Cran and possibly a few others I don't even know of as yet.

Am having major fits of trepidation as to what I should read when presenting with such a list of luminaries. Right now am leaning towards a snippet of my post-Olympocalyptic satire set here in Vancouver. I'm not sure if I have a scene set in Stanley Park as an homage to Tim Taylor... the Wreck Beach scene might have to do.  I'll be sure to wear my fingerless gloves in honour of Leanne and Mandy, as they were knitted by one of their Biggest Fans. But -- can I play the cello for Steven Galloway? I don't see that happening. I think I may have to sneak into tomorrow night's performance to get a feel for the standard I'll be expected to uphold. I'll be the one in the back wearing fingerless gloves...

4. New website design is coming along swimmingly. Have decided to move to a new server as Telus [company name redacted to protect the guilty] is all about the fail lately. With the site upgrade [spooky houses! glowing lights!] will hopefully come an integrated blog. More news as it happens.

And finally -- I was hoping to embed this, but no luck. Granny O'Grimm is nominated for Best Oscar short -- and, well...I'm telling you to judge for yourself.

TOTALLY worth the 5 minutes of viewing time: http://www.grannyogrimm.com/#/the-film  

[Hat tip to @dale42 aka the SiWC webwizard Dale McGladdery for this gem.]

More soon!



A Novel Woman said...


Did you also see the Oscar message on the website? HAHAHAHA!!

"We'll see who's laughing when I'm the one sitting next to Brad Clooney like Lady Muck!"

I want to see the other shorts to see how they compare, but I can't believe this one can be beat. It's awesome.

Ev Bishop said...

Dear kc,

Good to hear all is going well (if busy) in your hectic, fun life.

Regarding point #4:

Your new website sounds like it's going to be GORGEOUS! Hooray and congrats! And now a related question . . . I too have been thinking of integrating my blog into my website, but I'm not entirely convinced. What's motivating you to combine them? Are there any negatives to combining, do you think?