Friday, February 19, 2010

We interrupt this posting... bring you a still shot taken from a downhill mountain bike movie my boy is shooting at the moment. He's documenting a number of his friends riding, and the footage is taken from all around the North Shore. He and his friend Nick evaded the heavy security presence on Cypress last week to take some footage of a huge gap jump they had built. Peter got a few stills as well.

Anyway ... I love this shot, so thought I'd share.

You can find it on Peter Dyer's flickr page, too.



Anonymous said...

Very cool shot. And...ahem...I'm just going to pretend that my son doesn't participate in this type of tomfoolery as well. Because when one looks at the picture as an over protective mother of a 23 year old mountain biker, one has a slight heart attack.

Hope the edit wrestling is going well. :)

kc dyer said...

I am one with you in heart failure....


Tan said...

No kidding on the heart failure! I've been watching the Olympic snowboarding on TV while praying my three-year-old son never develops an interest in extreme sport.

kc dyer said...

Just keep fooling yourself as long as you can, Tanya....=)