Sunday, November 23, 2008

East Side Culture Crawl

Had a great time yesterday wandering the streets of the city, checking out a tiny sliver of the selection of work done by artists, artisans, craftspeople -- an astonishing array that was simply impossible to take in over the course of a day. My sore feet attest to the fact that I did my best to try!

This is Ruth Schueing at the small loom in her office of The Big Green House, a studio on Heatley. Ruth only does small weaving projects on this loom (she was working on a new scarf), but her specialty is to make photographic quality weaving using a special loom that lifts individual threads one at a time to weave pictures into the fabric. I didn't know what a binary process weaving is -- many thanks to Ruth to take the time to set me straight on weaving.

The East Side Culture Crawl has grown in its sixteen or seventeen years of existence to a point now where more than 300 artists participate in a wide variety of venues scattered all over East Vancouver. Every kind of art you can think of is represented, in every possible setting, from formal gallery to kitchen counter. (I actually found the MOST amazing clock adorning the wall of one artist's kitchen...)

The artists welcomed visitors into their studios, galleries, homes and workplaces to showcase their efforts.

I've never been able to pull together a day on the right weekend to attend the crawl, and have always longed to go. Yesterday was a rare gorgeous day and I so enjoyed my chance to walk the streets and explore. I even found fall leaves still clinging tenaciously -- none of those in my neck of the woods, still -- so it was a real treat.

Just how much is that doggie in the window, anyway?

Find out more about the culture crawl HERE. And if you have a chance today and are floating anywhere in or around the Lower Mainland -- go take a peek at the explosion of creativity that underlies this city.

If you'd like to see a few more of my shots, you can find them on my flickr page HERE.

If you look carefully, you might even see my new clock...



Christie said...

I enjoyed the Crawl very much as well. It really fed my soul :)

kc dyer said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Christie.