Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...tonight is Hycroft, the Very Cool unveiling of most of the new fall line-up in the way of BC Children's Literature. It takes place at Hycroft House, near the UBC campus.

My new book will miss the deadline by 3 months, and I am swamped to the ears with work, so I will be absent from the festivities for the first time in several years. Instead, I am helping proofread my daughter's King Lear essay, via Skype. And working on some last-minute research for A WALK THROUGH THE WINDOW.

Tomorrow night I'll be at the Orca booklaunch of a number of new titles, including Meg Tilly's FIRST TIME and Shelley Hrdlitschka's SISTER WIFE. I'm excited!

I'm going to have to miss the Surrey Public Library's 2008 YA Contest Award Night, though, and I regret that. I love meeting up and coming young writers and Surrey School District produces some amazing talent. Best wishes to all the participants...



A Novel Woman said...

I don't know if it's just me experiencing this, but your blog only opens on the left side of any page I'm on. I only get a tiny sliver of it at a time, a mere window, a glimpse of its former self.

What gives?

At least it's on the left side.

kc dyer said...

I think it might be your browser, ANW. At least -- it's opening up fine for me now.

Are you using Firefox or Safari?