Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give-Away Heads Up and more...

A FOUR book give-away is to be had right now over on the SiWC blog, so hop on over there and leave a comment. We're looking for the book you are most thankful to have read.

You'll notice I didn't answer this one, as I actually have NO idea which book I would choose. I have so many favourites -- I just don't know. Books that inspired me, enslaved me, enraptured me... it's just too tough a question for me. But hopefully not for you! To qualify, you'll need to make your choice and leave a comment by Friday, November 28th, 2008 at midnight.

And I can't believe I'm doing this, but...I got tagged by the devilish A Novel Woman, after she was tagged by the dastardly Grape Journal, both of whom requested a list of six things you may not know about me. Just to prove I refuse to follow the herd, my twist is to list six artists who are currently knocking my socks off in their respective fields.

And since I simply cannot force myself to tag someone else, I invite anyone who would care to participate to do so and send me a link in the comments.

And so I bring you : Six Sock-Knocking Artists...

Sherman Alexie ...Author & Playwright

His website is HERE.

Tim Minchin....Musician

Peter Dyer & compatriots .... Documentary Film Makers

Amanda Palmer ... Musician

Sandra Bilawich ... Sculptor

Sandra's website is HERE.

And Cory Doctorow ... author, speaker, iconoclast, boing-boinger

Cory's blog is HERE.


Pee Ess... I'm kinda into Neil Gaiman in a big way these days, too, but he's got enough good press without me. Oh -- and Mervyn Peake, too, but he's ...well, he's dead.


A Novel Woman said...

Awesome. I'm shocked you even agreed to participate.(g)

Loved Pete's film!

Want to run away with Tim and end up on his bell curve.

Bush Babe said...

AH, a woman after my own heart: a non-conformist!!

Love your list (even if I can't watch this much you-tube - my internet connection would meltdown!)...

Pam got me too. Naughty Pam.

kc dyer said...

Hahahaha -- you and me both, ANW. Minchin rules!


kc dyer said...

Dear Bush Babe -- I am so honoured to meet you! Any naughty friend of Pam's...or is that any friend of naughty Pam's of course a friend of leftwriter!

~kc, off to see how she nabbed you...