Sunday, November 09, 2008

Water, water...

It's pouring. Has been for days, tho' we had a single beam of sunlight this afternoon for a brief moment, appreciated only when it was gone, of course.

The rain is raining all around, but no water floweth through my house pipes. We lost our water a couple of hours ago, in the way these things often happen in this wilderness aerie in which I reside, without warning, or fanfare.

Just gone.

The difference between knowing one's water is about to be shut off and having it just stop all really comes down to the toilets. Preparedness is everything.

However, not for nothing am I hardened denizen of this mountain hamlet. I've just schlepped two bucketfuls of rain barrel water up three storeys to allow the upstairs toilet to continue to do what toilets do.

And now we wait. Last water outage? Five days.

And, apropos of not much, in this election season, don't forget the Municipal variety -- November 15th in this neck of the woods. Think my water will be back by then?


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