Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bookclubs for Kids

You know -- why should Oprah and her gang have all the fun? There is a growing interest out there in the great wide world in bookclubs for kids.

I talk a lot about Christianne's Lyceum -- just about the best place I know for bookclubs and reading and storytelling -- for kids of all ages.

In the summertime, the Vancouver Public Library offers a whole week of Canadian Book Camp. And CWC -- Creative Writing Society For Children, even goes one step further -- the kids finish each term by creating their OWN books.

Just recently read of someone in Langley, BC who has started up a new book club. A realtor by day, Anne Bishop is busy engaging kids in reading when she's not selling real estate. And the first book on her list came out of the brain of a friend of mine -- Lee Edward Fodi.

You can find an article talking about Annette and her bookclub HERE.

And if you know of another book club for kids -- why not post it in the comment section?


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