Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

Today is the Reverend Charles Dodgson's* birthday, and in honour of the man who turned lives upside down with his literature, the new tradition has become to write a blog in a way contrary to the normal style.

This is a bit tough for me, as I don't really venture anywhere near normal, so I think I'll do something I've never done before...

a commercial.

I read about FreeGeek this morning in a tweet by Darren Barefoot, and it seems like the coolest idea ever. (Apparently Darren read a profile in the Vancouver Sun today, hence his tweet. Okay -- found it -- HERE. Thanks, Darren!)

FreeGeek is a non-profit computer reuse and recycling centre who have been 'helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning of the third millennium. '

They will take any old computer parts -- working or not, in any condition -- free of charge and direct it to their volunteer programs, where it will be either ethically recycled or rebuilt and restored. Tons of stuff on their website, particularly what happens to computer bits and pieces as a rule when the Free Geeks aren't involved.

Read all about it HERE on the Free Geek website. (or if you prefer en francais...Geek Libre.)

You know -- if even a fraction of the computers in the world were treated this way, imagine the impact on the economy, the environment and the geekification of those in need.

As good a 'down the rabbit hole' concept as any, wouldn't you say?


* Oh, come ON! Lewis Carroll, of course...


A Novel Woman said...

Too weird....I was just asking about this at the pub last night. One of the guys saw a documentary on how we "recycle" by exporting old computers to China. There there are now mountains of waste and pollutants so toxic they have to import their drinking water, and the life expectancy is under 30 years for its inhabitants. For shame.

kc dyer said...

I saw a bit of that doc. Awful. This is why FreeGeeks rule...