Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today Vancouver was engulfed again in a thick grey blanket, but here on the mountain aerie, we were above the fog ... so I thought I'd share the view.


This is facing Horseshoe Bay (which is completely engulfed). The tip tops of Bowen Island are on the right.

The moon at sunrise over Bowen:

I made a trip to Surrey today, but before I left I took a few midday shots. Here's one of the sun over Bowen.

And luckily, I made it home just before sunset. The sunset shots were taken with my Pentax 50-200mm zoom lens, so they don't have the depth of the other shots, taken on my new Sigma 10-20 mm lens. This one is facing more westerly, looking out toward Vancouver Island. Bowen is on the left and you can just see the very tops of Keats Island poking through the fog.

And one last southerly shot, Horseshoe Bay AND Bowen completely engulfed as the fire burns overhead.

I know I have more writing news to report, but for some reason it's gone clear out of my head...

I have a few more shots on my flickr page HERE. Just look for the Lions Bay in Fog set.



A Novel Woman said...

Oh (hand over my heart) these are just fanfrackingtastic. Oh. They literally take my breath away.

Hard not to believe in a higher power when you see sights like this. Wow.



kc dyer said...

It was a completely freezing, dark and gloomy day all around the Lower mainland, so I needed to do a little sun worship. I'm glad you like them!