Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Day...

Quite a day around here yesterday. Been snowing, of course. It was raining and 4 degrees in the city, but here?

More snow.

Last night was Birthdaypalooza, a celebration of a bunch of Capricornish birthdays including author and slayer expert James McCann, author and urban haiku high-priestess Jacquie Pearce and my own. My actual birthday was spent snowed in this year, so I was pretty bummed at the thought that Birthdaypalooza was going to meet the same fate.

Decided to put the principle of feeling better through exercise into action, so I took the dogs out in the snow for a romp up the mountain. The snow was falling so hard and fast I looked more like a walking snowperson than a human, but the dogs were having fun.

We walked up in the woods above the village until the snow was really too deep to walk further. It was not until I got home that I discovered my keys missing. Left the dogs inside, retraced steps -- but the snow had filled my footsteps and there were no keys to be seen.

Returned home again to find the second set of keys happened to be locked inside the car. Dealership will not replace a key without my licence and registration -- also locked in car.

In the meantime, Seamus somehow injured his back, slipping on the ice when he was playing with Silas.

After 3 hours, BCAA came to the rescue and broke into the car, rescuing my spare keys. Spent the rest of the night in Vet Emergency with Seamus, who was diagnosed with a muscle pull. Made it home at 1:30 this morning.

Seamus is now sleeping happily, hopped up on Medicam and muscle relaxants, though he will likely have to go for a precautionary X-Ray tomorrow.

So, instead of spending birthdaypalooza discussing my Joss Whedon obsession with my equally-geek-minded friends, I spent it with Duchess the pug in her hooded pink raincoat (symptoms: vomiting, diagnosis: inability to digest proteins, prognosis: not great for the long term), Dooley the Portuguese Water dog (symptoms: gluttony -- ate a stick that stuck, treatment: an enema, accompanied by long, lowing howls of protest) and a waiting room jammed with other canine loved-ones.

The only silver lining to this came this morning, when one of my neighbours delivered my keys to my door. From what we can figure out, they must have been thrown up by the snowplow sometime in the night and found on the bank beside the road.

Birthdaypalooza success at last.



A Novel Woman said...

Wow. I wondered what you'd been up to. Now I know. If it makes you feel any better, my dog ate a few Kleenex yesterday along with some of that waxed paper placed between cheese slices, with the results one might expect, erupting around 4 a.m.

Kathy said...

What a day! I'm sorry you spent birthdaypalooza at the Emerg. Vet. Did you have to go to the one at 4th Ave, or is there one in your neck of the woods? We spent the night Princess Diana died at the one on 4th Avenue, and a couple of days after that, too.

The keys... that's just plain good karma. :)

kc dyer said...

Buddy and Silas are cut from the same cloth, I think. [g]


kc dyer said...

Hey Kath,

Yep, 4th and Fir.

I got a dishwasher installed the day of Princess Di's funeral -- the installer was a weepy Scot, so we took turns running in to watch the funeral....


Gerb said...

Ack! I completely missed your birthday! Happy very belated. How is Seamus feeling?

Deborah Hodge said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry to hear about all the troubles and that you had to miss the party. No fun at all!


Anonymous said...

Aw... Seamus looked so sad and grateful that you were there. I'm sorry about your Birthdaypalooza and the keys and ALL that snow! But that you got them back? A miracle! xo

Jenny Graman Meyer said...


Poor doggy. I'm feeling particularly sad about dog illnesses today - Sara and I went to see Marley and Me yesterday. Following the trend of popularity, neither of it realized it was a tear-jerker, mistakenly assuming it was a romantic comedy. Oh well, live and learn! ~g~

Anita Daher said...

Oh gosh...your life is adventure, isn't it? Happy birthday! At least is was memorable, huh?

kc dyer said...

Thanks to all for the kind birthday wishes (now that I am of an age where belated wishes are the best kind -- I need a few days to recover from the size of the new number...).

Seamus is fine -- pulled muscle only, spine and hip x-rays are all clear!


DA said...

Ack! I remembered (before Christmas) and then forgot your birthday. I am so sorry!

Happy Belated Birthday! And I'm glad to hear Seamus will be okay.


kc dyer said...

Dear Deb,

Silly girl -- you just did what I try to do -- forget the darn thing!

Thanks for the good wishes!


Deniz Bevan said...

Happy belated birthday :-) I guess all of us Canadians are busy posting snow/ice/cold photos this winter... er, what else is new, right? :-)

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Deniz! Yeah, our weather obsession is coming to the fore...