Friday, January 02, 2009

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Kathy Chung

Kathy, my dear friend, is a writer, mother, teacher, classic Celtic beauty and valued Surrey International Writing Conference Contest Assistant. Was she does not do yet is blog -- though I'm sure I'll grab her and reel her in one of these days...


[taps toe]

[taps toe again...]

Well, that was quick!

Here is a guest post from the new blogger, Kathy Chung, highlighting her top 8 locations of the year:

  1. My living room, where I was sitting when I wrote ‘The End’ on my first completed manuscript in June, read the winning entries of the storyteller category of the SiWC writing contest, and cuddled with my family.
  2. The tiny, West Highland village of Shieldaig, where I walked in the footsteps of my ancestors and sat in the very lounge where my great great grandmother lived and worked for most of her adult life.
  3. Gateway Theatre, where my shy little girl radiated total confidence in her annual ballet show in front of 500 people. She amazed me.
  4. The playing field outside Fort William, at the Lochaber Highland Games, where I listened to a high school pipe band play “Scotland the Brave” and marvelled that I was finally there and completely at home.
  5. YVR [code for Vancouver International Airport, of course...] for all the comings and goings, including our departure for Scotland.
  6. The Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, BC, where I spent my annual favourite weekend at the SiWC.
  7. Victoria, because one of my favourite cities is home to my best friend and a host of happy memories.
  8. My email inbox – not technically a place, I suppose, but a significant location nonetheless where I found friendship, ongoing conversation, and daily enjoyment of the people I am lucky to have in my life.
Thanks, Kath! I knew you had it in you!


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