Tuesday, May 15, 2007

50th Post!

Hey -- just realized this is my 50th blog posting. I guess it's become a habit, eh?

News today about author, BC Book world editor and all round nice guy Alan Twigg...

He's not only the most recent recipient of the Shadbolt Fellowship for the Humanities from SFU, he's been named writer in residence at the George Price Centre for Peace in Belize city. Twigg has written a dozen books on Belize and Cuba and is now working on a book about the relationship between founder of Belize George Price and former PM Pierre Trudeau. It's an interesting story, but I'm not going to tell you more -- you have to go check it out at Alan's website: www.alantwigg.com

As appealing as his books about far away and warm places may be, my favourite Twigg title is INTENSIVE CARE and it tells the story of Alan's dual with a brain tumour. Guess who won?

My computer is driving me crazy tonight, but I will try to post a picture of Alan and or one of his books tomorrow.

Currently reading MISS WYOMING by Douglas Coupland, interspersed with pithy quips from George Carlin's WHEN WILL JESUS BRING THE PORK CHOPS?.

~kc, a reader of eclectic tastes...



Hélène B said...

Happy 50th! (post)


kc dyer said...

Thanks Hélène!

I think I may have to find a more special way to celebrate when I hit 100 posts. If you think of something appropriate -- let me know!