Thursday, May 03, 2007

Orca Launch

Tonight I drove through the deserted streets of Vancouver (via the deserted streets of Richmond -- evidence of how the threat of playoff elimination for the Canucks can make traffic seem like some other city's problem) to attend the Kidsbooks launch of a number of new Orca books titles.

Two CWILLers were presenting their books: Kari Winters (JEFFREY AND SLOTH) and Diane Tullson (THE DARWIN CHRONICLES).

Congrats to both of them on beautiful books! When CWILL president James McCann, also in attendance, shoots me the picture I took of he and Kari, I'll be sure to post it here.

I was looking for a copy of THE NUMBER DEVIL for my daughter, but the store was sold out, so will pick one up when I go to one of James's upcoming launches. I did buy a copy of 'GOOD DOG, FERGUS' by David Shannon (whose books I adore) to send to my sister and her old dog.

And in that spirit, here is a picture of a good dog I know, named Fergus.
(Two dog pictures in two days...a record!)

Ran into author/editor Maggie deVries at the launch, who will be coming as a presenter to SiWC this fall. Also ran into another editor whom I am hoping will be able to make it. Watch the mailing list for updates!

(If you're not on the mailing list for SiWC -- why not? Check out the website for details and get yourself all signed up. You won't be inundated with email -- just when we have good news about the conference to share. And this is a newsy time of year. I'm just saying.)


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