Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy Day

SiWC board meeting day, which meant lots of driving, lots of talking. But much was accomplished, so all is well.

Signed up today to take the Robert McKee STORY seminar this November in Vancouver. My good buddy Michael will be going too, so I plan to have a great time. I've read McKee's book and have always had a hankering to see him in action, so it's a fun thing to look forward to in what will likely be a Very Busy November.

Finished reading LINCOLN'S DREAMS by Connie Willis the other night. I am a huge fan of Willis, but this is my least favourite of any of her books. I adored THE DOOMSDAY BOOK and TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG, and was completely thrilled with BELLWETHER. Any of these would get my highest recommendation. But everyone deserves to have an off day, so I'll just put LD down as Connie's. I still consider Connie Willis as a goddess among writers.

Started Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone last night, in preparation for the final book's emergence in July. Every time a new one has come out, I've had to read the entire set again. My chief delight in Rowling's collection is her sheer love of language. Anyone who can invent the words quiddich and pensieve is okay by me.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring confirmation that MS ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK will indeed be emerging in time for all her planned launches. If that is the case, I will put plans for my shared launch with James McCann's novel PYRE into high gear.



Susan Adrian said...

Oh, jealous of the STORY workshop! I need to actually buy a copy of STORY so I can finish the whole thing--it's so helpful.

And I've only read the good Connie Willis books so far, but am equally impressed. {g}

(I actually was going to say that pensieve was a word before HP, but you're right, it wasn't. I'd thought she'd borrowed it from another meaning. How cool!)

Laura said...

Jealous, too! I have the book and flip through it often. I had no idea he was coming to town - I'll have to check it out!

kc dyer said...


It's a great book, STORY. I like hauling it out periodically, and I think it will be great fun to do McKee's course. (Intense, though. I'd better bring my running gear for the breaks!)


kc dyer said...

Hey Laura!

Yes -- he's coming to town. I'd love to see you come along! (It's a pretty intense three days, though. Not sure how you feel about leaving home for so long these days...)

Is Surrey in the cards for you this year?


Laura said...

It sure is in the cards (Surrey, that is)! I'm stoked already! And I keep thinking about entering the writing contest, but, er, I actually have to start WRITING, I suppose, to actually be able to enter... heh heh. Something other than blog posts and blog comments. Ahem.

As for McKee's thing, I checked it out and dang, it looks awesome but double-dang, don't think I could handle TWO weekends away from the kidlet! So Surrey it is!