Thursday, May 03, 2007


Short post tonight, as it is past midnight and I have once again run out of day. Cleared 760+ emails off my machine today-- the system has been threatening to crash for days now. This reduction should improve things a little.

In other news, I have been invited to participate in a podcast interview this summer with Book Bites for Kids, a division of The National Writing for Children Centre.

More info closer to the event.
Progress on the SiWC front now includes having contacted all confirmed speakers for their bio and picture. This information will soon appear on the website:

Next big steps are to fill the roster and get the workshops scheduled. It's slowly happening!

Will send out a teaser mailout with more presenter names this weekend.
The picture of Seamus is to make up for the fact that I left him out on the deck tonight as a storm rolled in. He was not spooked, but I felt terrible. He'll pay me back by taking up all the bed.


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Rose said...


Congrats on the podcast -- should be fun.

And Seamus is a doll! I just want to give him a scratch under his ears. {g}