Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stars Shine in Surrey...

...this October.

This list is not complete as yet, but it's looking pretty good so far, I think!

Kelley Armstrong, John Brady, Jan Burke, Anthony Dalton, Michael DeFreitas, Maggie deVries, Diane Duane, Hallie Ephron, Lee Edward Fodi, Dennis Foon, Diana Gabaldon, Stephen Galloway, Bruce Hale, Cecelia Holland, Bernice Lever Paul Lima, Phillip Margolin, Don McQuinn, George McWhirter, Jacqueline Mitchard, Peter Morwood, Anne Perry, Lois Peterson,Vicki Pettersson, Karen Robards, Wendy Roberts, Barbara Rogan, Michael Slade, Patricia Smiley, Timothy Taylor, Meg Tilly, Nancy Warren, Eric Walters, Jack Whyte, Daniel Wood.

Donald Maass, Cricket Pechstein-Freeman, Jeffery McGraw, Kristen Nelson, Rachel Vater, Doris Booth, Janet Reid ,Nephele Tempest, Sorche Fairbank, Dan Conaway, Jenoyne Adams, Lauren Abramo, Michael Bourret, Jenny Rappaport.

Elizabeth Lyon, Lisa Rector-Maass, Barry Jowett, Kaylan Adair, Jesse Finkelstein, Bob Tyrrell, Tonya Martin and Maggie de Vries

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