Monday, May 12, 2008


A short one tonight -- I just finished a big re-write and my brain is watery, digested, hemorrhagic porridge. I haven't answered any of my email, my boy spent most of last night coughing (so he is much more tired than I) and I remain consistantly behind in everything.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to tell you about this contest, since there is a mere three weeks left to the deadline...

The deadline for the Victoria School of Writing’s Flash Fiction contest is May 31, 2008. First Prize is full tuition to the summer intensive five-day course, a $635 value. Second Prize is half the cost of tuition ($318) and Third Prize, one-quarter the cost ($159).

Eligible entrants are to be 19 or older. The work can be fiction or non-fiction, and only a maximum of 300 words. The entry fee is $12.

Complete contest details can be found here.

For some inexplicable reason, Blogger will not allow me to post a picture this evening. All the more for tomorrow, then...

Good night.


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