Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seamus Finds a Stick

Seamus is 3 now, and he's a pretty good boy, most of the time. And like the bulk of his species, he has a great fondness for sticks. He likes to bring them to me on our hikes.

But, sadly, these days, we no longer hike alone.

No sooner does a dog find a decent stick to chew on, when what should come sneaking out of the shadows but ... the Trickster.

Rapid head movement is no deterrent.

The Trickster just rolls his eyes and moves in for the kill.

Seamus puts up a mighty struggle. After all, he is still bigger than Silas -- AND outweighs him by about 20 pounds.

But alas...

The Trickster has speed on his side.

What's a golden to do? We are made for love (and food), not speed.
(You'll note I say 'we'. Let's just say I identify...)
Once again, the Trickster prevails, leaving the Golden boy, gasping and wheezing in the dust.

Luckily, all is forgiven after a big drink from the stream.

**This episode of DogBlog brought to you whilst your humble blog author is in plague-recovery mode. Please expect a return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow...**



Anonymous said...

HEY! I just realized I could leave a comment on your blog!

I think you should go into the dogblog biz, it's woefully understaffed.

Great pictures, and I can't believe how BIG Seamy is, compared to his stealth-missile brother!

A fellow dog-worshipper and sib... /L

James said...

This is awesome!