Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ready? Set... Shoot!

So, after our little incident with the pie this weekend, we began the process of shooting our CWILL BC video.

This endeavour is intended to bring the faces of CWILL BC members to the world -- physical evidence that when you ask a CWILL author or illustrator to come to your school, don't expect someone to show up who is just going to read a story...

The shoot took place under the generous auspices (and roof) of Christianne Hayward, at her Lyceum.

(This is the wonderful Susan from the Lyceum, ever-patient and helpful...)

The place was a sea of banners,


and raw, blistering talent.

Pam Withers was there with her kayak. Tanya Kyi with her beautiful daughter Julia AND her blue jeans.

This is a shot of hands-on scientist Shar Levine working her experimental magic.

A whole pile of other authors and illustrators did their respective things, live and in person for our studio audience.

The whole thing was captured in all its digital glory by film maker Sally Jorgenson.

Next we're going to get down to the editing, pull in a few other clips from CWILLers too far afield to attend, and by sometime this summer...

I think we may have ourselves a little movie.

Thanks to all who shared the faith and came out to be a part of the adventure!


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