Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's Late

...and I have so much ground to cover. And cover it I will -- but in the morning, I think.

We lost power/telephone/cable/internet here in my little village this week, and I'm afraid to say it was All My Fault. And yours, [sez she, never afraid to share the blame when possible] .

I posted a random pic of the highway (aka my driveway, since it is the only way in or out of this place, save by water or air) and made a blythe (and yet somehow callous) comment on the progress -- or lack thereof -- of the upgrade.

That night, the blasting went awry, rock faces were blown away, trees and greenery were smithereened -- and along with them went the telephone and cable wires.

And thus, you find me, dear readers, in a position to blame only myself (and perhaps you, if you are willing to share) for the fact I am behind in posting and email and everything.

Almost everything.

Lack of internet means that the re-write progressed much more than apace. Am nearly ready to send it out to a small group of my fiercest critics, long cultivated (by poking them with sharp sticks and so on).

Even without technology, the words march on.

Tomorrow is a big blog day. Prepare yourselves. Much of import to export, so to speak. Discussion of my day with James McCann's CWC class. Analysis of a Most Excellent Canadian Authors Association panel with the very same James McCann and the very lovely Meg Tilly.

And I will not neglect the usual wildlife and weather reports, along with much more.

'Til then, dear readers -- I bid you good night.



Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Bummer about the power outage, but perhaps it was "the powers that be's" way of giving you time to complete that rewrite! {g}

You asked before about the view from my window. I've got pics posted now on my blog, if you're interested.

kc dyer said...

I'm off to check them out right now!