Friday, May 23, 2008

To Bee...

...or in this case...not.

Or once was, but no longer.

An ex-bee. Should be pushing up the daisies, etc.

I just had to post this, because, well...

He was the biggest dead bee I have ever found. (I use the word 'he' loosely, you understand...)

I mean -- here he is beside a penny.

He DWARFS the penny!

Is this not the biggest ex-bee you've ever seen?

Look at the size of the shadow he casts...

Big Bee, little bee -- what begins with B? <------- literary allusion, justifying post in some kind of oblique, twisted way that only the author (and perhaps her sister) might understand.

[This post is primarily directed at those of you who are regular readers of Neil Gaiman's blog, and are therefore accustomed to the odd bee-andering post. With apologies for all puns...beeg and small.]



Hélène Boudreau said...

Whoa! What kind of flower was that big guy pollenating?


kc dyer said...

I _know_!!!!