Saturday, May 17, 2008

Typing Between Coughs...

The other night I was invited to speak with The Novel Knickers, a book club at Christianne's Lyceum of Literature and Art in Kitsilano.

I was there to speak about my novel Ms. Zephyr's Notebook -- and I must say I had a fabulous time.

The group was made up of 11 or 12 avid readers and their parents, and they all ensured I had a wonderful time, sharing thoughts, observations and questions about my book. The treats were splendid (I even got to take home Purdy's chocolate!), the conversation sublime. Many thanks to Christianne Hayward and her marvellous staff for hosting such a wonderful evening. And thanks to all for putting up with my alternatingly squeaky and gravelly voice.

Posts are flying fast and furious over at Linda Gerber's blog, in celebration of her new book DEATH BY BIKINI. You can check out my guest post here -- and if you leave a comment, your name goes in a draw not only for a personalized copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, but for a bunch of other prizes, too.

I noticed that one of the early winners was sister writer, photography nut and blogger extraordinaire A Novel Woman -- who also, I recall, seems to have remarkable luck when it comes to winning things.

Not much else going on around here. I am currently stricken with some dreadful plague, the details of which I will spare you. Am trying to work with the SiWC's amazing webmaster (and Drupal genius) Dale McGladdery to help get our new site up and running, and pull together the 2008 brochure to deliver into the hands of designer and web genius Laurel Hickey...but mostly I am coughing, napping and reading PG Wodehouse.

I have to send out a huge thank you to sister scribe Meg Tilly for stepping in to take on a big speech off my germ-laden hands. Thank you, Meg!

And to finish, here is one of my favourite recent pictures of my own little mermaid, doing one of the things she does best -- the backstroke.

Just last weekend, she got her triple A (provincial standard) time in 100m Back, a feat which has made us all very proud.


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