Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The latest...

So much to report!

Had a great visit last week at Macdonald Elementary school in Vancouver and a fun Creative Writing for Children class on the weekend . My new postcards are finally printed, so I had some to share!

Lots going on in the planning department for SiWC 2009 in October, and other upcoming events -- the FALL INTO FANTASY tour with authors James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi happening this year, and before that Raise-A-Reader in Penticton this July, followed by Summer Dream in August. More details soon.

But first -- a trip for r& r (research & running around) is in the offing. I'm off with my boy for a couple of weeks to the UK. Will report back here with pictoral evidence as time permits.


...is what he looked like the last time he was in Scotland. (In the clutches of his sister inside the guard house of Tioram Castle in the West Highlands). He's grown a bit, and is far less likely to allow me to photograph him, but I'll do my best.

Will report in as absconded wi-fi allows. I'll be tweeting, too -- you can follow me at @kcdyer, if you are so inclined.

And lastly, today I mail out all the remaining winner's books from the various Darby competitions. Darby has just interviewed Kendra Kandelstar, and has a couple of really amazing characters to interview soon, but she'll be taking a break while we are over in the UK. If you have won a book and not yet contacted me -- or haven't received it, please drop me a line and I will rectify immediately.

And now -- ta-ta, mates. Next chat to you will come from the Jolly Olde Sode (and no -- that is NOT my secret nickname....!)


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