Thursday, May 21, 2009

London, 2009 Day One

As you may have noticed, this week I popped into my Tardis,

and made my way across an extremely large land mass, followed by a rather broad body of water,

only to find myself in the land of...

chimney pots against the sky,

brilliant and buxom statuary,

and very tight spiral staircases.

London has welcomed me (and my boy) back with open arms and traffic jams.

Today, I witnessed an anti-Chinese Falun Gong protest (tiny), a celebration of the new governmental acknowledgement of the rights of Gurkha soldiers (much larger), and an anti-Sri Lankan demonstration right in the road that was traffic-stopping in its intensity.

Also, the fine workers of the London Underground struck today, with the principle victim being the Victoria tube line, ultimately shut down for the day.

Nonetheless, we managed to take in great whacks of the City, and I have worn my poor boy ragged with my high-speed delerium at being back in this wonderful place.

My favourite jaunt of the day? Here is a hint:

Can you guess? A bit hard to tell from this picture...but,

this wonderful sculpture can be found suspended from the ceiling of the teeny Operating Theatre Museum near Guy's Hospital. My favourite museum in the city, without a doubt.

It's very late here now, but I will put up a link to my flickr account and will post more pictures tomorrow.

Ta, mates.



Jacquie said...

Sounds like a great trip! I'm hoping to follow your example and take my daughter to England (maybe in a year or two).

A Novel Woman said...

Happy sigh.....from one who is living vicariously through you.

Kathy said...

Aaah, sounds wonderful.

Trudy said...

You lucky girl!!

kc dyer said...

Do it, Jacquie! I love travelling with my kids -- we create memories to share forever.