Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Moonshot

Not a bad attempt -- taken sitting on my roof, slightly after midnight on May 9th. Using my knee as a tripod. A few others to be found at my flickr photostream (Moonshots), including a few through-the-branches shots I kinda like in spite of their fuzziness.

Happy Moony Mother's Day to all!


Edited to liven link. Too much Dollhouse last night!


A Novel Woman said...

Using your KNEE?!! I'm madly impressed! How long was your exposure? (The camera, not you on the roof.) What lens? Details, woman. I want details.

I tried taking a moon shot and couldn't do it. I'm going to attempt it again this summer. With an actual tripod.

And I'm kind of into Dollhouse too.

kc dyer said...

Happy Mother's day to one of my favourite mamas in the world!

I used my 50-200 lens at full bore, and tried every exposure option available to me. The long exposures just ended up fuzzy, but the moon was so bright that I just went for it with the regular short exposure and it seemed to work.

As for the knee, I was on my roof (the part that dangles over the driveway 2 stories below) so I just clung on and worked with what I had. [g]

I tried this last fall and it didn't work at all. I don't know what I'm doing enough to say what I did differently...


Kathy said...

Awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

I see Neil Armstrong's footprint!