Saturday, May 02, 2009


*Crazy Busy Day, of course.

I accidentally double-booked myself for the day, and had planned to bring my Creative Writing for Children (CWC) class to Spring Book Hatching (SBH -- at last, all acronyms explained!), but alas -- it didn't work out.

As I was bolting from the library after helping with the SBH decorating, en route to Port Coquitlam to teach the class, I happened to glance up. (I nearly caught a rope in the face, otherwise, it would have been a bee-line straight for the car.)

The rope was attached to the folks in the picture. Apparantly this rappel-dance is in celebration of the cultural Olympiad. It was pretty darned astonishing, I can tell you that.

I managed to shoot a couple more pictures (on my iPhone, so the quality is not the best, I'm afraid) and you can see them HERE on my Flickr photostream under the category of Nothing But Cool).

And speaking of nothing but cool, here's a peek at Shelley McDonald's CWC class today -- a very cool group of reading and writing experts.

Good taste in books, eh?

Thanks for making me so welcome, gang!


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