Wednesday, May 20, 2009

London Live!

This post will be brief and picture-less, as I refuse to pay the wifi robbery rates my hotel is charging. Will try to log on tomorrow with a few shots of this amazing city. Right now am typing this on a half-Farsi keyboard in a little Internet Cafe off Oxford Street, seated beside a zombie-ish, but good natured son after flying all night.

Am delighted to report that I did manage to arrange a private visit to Stonehenge next week, so will hopefully have lots to share after that event. Tomorrow, I think it will be Castles and derring-do in this remarkable centre of Western civilization. I love London!



A Novel Woman said...

Can you feel my envy all the way across the pond? Sigh. I'm with you in spirit if not in the flesh.

Have a snack at Pret for me, will you?

Kathy said...

I wish I were there. It really wasn't very nice of you not to invite us (all your blog readers, that is) along. *g*

kc dyer said...

Dearest ANW and erstwhile travelling companion....

We bought dinner at Pret tonight -- 10 pounds for the two of us -- fresh food and cheap!

Toasted you there -- you will be back here before you know it!


kc dyer said...

Hi Kathy,

Trying to share the joy through blogging...

Wish you all were here with me!