Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jan Furst

A brief one tonight. Had a great CWILL BC exec meeting this afternoon to plan for the rest of the year, including the upcoming Spring Book Hatching.
But this blog is devoted to Jan, pictured here -- an incredible writer and human being. I took this shot the other night at the World Poetry Reading Series fete for Bernice Lever, celebrating her lifetime of achievement as a poet. Jan spotted me and raced over for a hug. He moves faster than any other 95 year old I know. Jan lives on Bowen Island and is still actively pursuing his writing career.
I was unable to attend his birthday party last month, so a belated 95th to you, Jan!


A Novel Woman said...

What a sweetheart!

And I lurve that sweater. Norwegian, no? I have a similar one in red.


kc dyer said...

But of course!