Thursday, March 20, 2008


Fresh greenery in the woods above my house!

The happiest of vernal equinoxes to you all. The day is grey, so I think it unlikely that we (on the west coast anyway) will have any hope of equal daylight to night. But behind those clouds, the sun is there somewhere, doing its thing -- let's hope to some good effect.

My yoga class has been cancelled for spring break. I miss it...

A few musings. Yesterday was five years to the day of the Iraqui invasion. I marched for peace before-hand to no effect, beyond leaving me with the feeling I had at least the opportunity to air my views publically. Things continue to heat up in Tibet and the debate of to boycott or not to boycott rages over the Olympics. I remember the boycott of the Moscow Olympics -- the disappointment of the athletes who were forbidden to go, but I understand the idea of trying to make one's voice (no matter how small or distant) heard.

And yet -- whenever I think of these giant, unsolvable, insurmountable issues, I am reminded that they are merely standard human fare, writ large. When someone stomps off from an argument, it so often results in little more than the drawing of lines in the sand. I like the idea of keeping communication open, somehow. And I think how easy it is to see the faults in others without taking the time for a closer examination of self. I read an interesting article this week in the New Yorker on the history of the use of water boarding (often referred to as "the Water Cure") by American forces back to their engagement in the Phillipines in the 19th C.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and the optimist in me still holds out hope we can, as a species, if not correct the wrongs we have committed, at least look deep into ourselves before we repeat our mistakes.

And after that small aberration into the current contemplative state of my soul, I leave you with a shot I took last night of my puppy Silas, having just (with great relish) consumed his own bed.




Trudy said...

That is a priceless picture - he's smiling!! Fiona will love this :)

A Novel Woman said...

Ah, what a great post, and it ended with me snorting, loudly.(g) Bless his furry, black heart.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring. We are going to the cottage to shovel 10 feet of snow off the roof and porch of the chalet.

And when I say 10 feet, I really mean 10 feet.


kc dyer said...

Hey Trudy,

Yes -- smiling...proud of himself, the little rotter.

Say Hi to Fiona!


kc dyer said...

Dearest and Most Novel Woman,

I implore you to shovel away -- no more collapsing of Quebec buildings, especially your beautiful cottage.

Happy Easter!