Monday, March 24, 2008

This and That

Ah -- spring time in Canada!

Today on the Wet Coast, we've had sleet, snow, freezing rain and brilliant sunshine.

And yet, we must count ourselves lucky for a mere 3500 km away, the weather has a more tenuous hold on the denizens of the east.

For my dear friend the Novel Woman, I post an update of my neighbour's cherry tree, in response to her Easter weekend cottage photo, which you can find here:

Spring will come again to Montreal, dear NW, I promise!

I am in the middle of finalizing the SiWC roster for this year, and simultaneously trying to set up the brochure for publication. I also find myself amidst another rewrite of DEADLINE, tightening the focus and removing the many extraneous plot complications that somehow (without my cooperation) manage to insinuate themselves into my work. (In my defense, this may well be a reflection of the extraneous plot complications of my life...). AND, I am expecting to receive the edits for my new book any day now, adding extreme urgency to these other tasks.

Yet, somehow, I am stricken by the need to post the following ...

Step one -- find decent mud puddle. Drink contents.

Step Two -- launch sneak attack on unsuspecting sibling, previously relaxing and minding his own business. Note aggressive ear positioning.

Step Three -- savage sibling mercilessly, to mutual delight.

Step Four -- pause to catch breath.

Step Five -- leap back in to finish the job.

Step Six -- ensure photographer is still paying attention.

Step Seven -- one down, who's next?

~kc, back to work....

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Silly :-)