Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break is here...

...or will be, as of tomorrow afternoon.

But there is one more day of school to get through before the joy of a spring holiday happens.

Highlands Elementary School in North Vancouver is approaching the day with undeniable sensibility. They are having Pyjama Day, with the ultimate goal of six hours spent in maximum comfort, reading.

I get to be a part of it, and though I don't plan to be sporting my pyjamas (which are not really fit for public consumption), I promise to wear something odd and flashy and well-suited to reading gory, scary and cool stories.

The image above is a copy of Leonardo's actual signature, which figures large in one of the stories I may get a chance to tell tomorrow. You'll note the signature is in mirror-writing -- not only right-to-left but backwards, as well suited that most remarkable of men.

In other news, Silas has made it through the week without eating a couch or a cushion or a wicker chair. (He did eat the dish scrubber -- for a total of three dish scrubbers now consumed -- but in terms of volume it barely rates a mention.) Part of this may be due to the fact that he went through most of the week with bare gums on both sides, but now his adult teeth are pushing through and perhaps his couch-chewing days are behind him now [she sez, hopefully...]

And on the computer front, I am afraid that Leopard OSX For Dummies will be supplanting Mansfield Park tonight. (I'm on the final book of Jane Austen's sadly small oevre. She died at 41 of tuberculosis of the liver). I'm more in need of Leopard learnin' than of a brisk walk through the English countryside, so Jane and her plucky heroines and gallant gentlemen must step aside for the moment.

Let's hope some of it sticks.



Hélène Boudreau said...

Happy Spring Break. We're on the last day of SB here and the kids have had a blast.

Poor Silas, I hope his toofers are better soon.


(tpircs rorrim ni etirw yllautca nac ohW)

kc dyer said...

Oh, Helene -- your skills astound me! [g] I can't even find a way to get Blogger to let me add your accents...

Glad your spring break was fun. Ours goes over Easter this year, so we'll be one long weekend short, sadly.