Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not THAT kind of sleep...

This is Delia - or more properly, this WAS Delia. She was a Cornish Hairless, and until a couple of months ago she ruled the roost at my friend Norma's house. She was at least 19 when she made her final visit to the vet, but she will live on in the new novel (first in a series of 5) I have been working on lately. I LOVED this cat -- her paws looked like the hooked claws of any respectable witch, and will do her proud as she cavorts through the new stories.

Her picture is here simply serendipitously, as I have managed to transfer only a limited number of my pix from my old computer. But somehow, her appearance suits the theme of today's blog in a morbid kind of way...

Today's MacLesson: like Delia (or perhaps unlike Delia -- I think she was ready for the journey when she finally left) my new MacBook does not like being put to sleep. Last night I did just that, only to find the patient completely unresponsive this morning. After much frantic calling of dealers and googling of troubleshooting techniques, I found a simple three-button re-boot solution (after a minute of unplugging) did the trick nicely. But from now on, to save myself (and my new machine) from apoplexy, I will simply turn it off at night.

In other news, I have to hie off to Surrey tomorrow for the monthly SiWC gathering. The faculty roster is almost in place and I'll be posting messages to the SiWC mailing list shortly. Lots of excitement for this year, guaranteed!

Had an exceedingly muddy walk through the woods with Meg Tilly and her dog Molly today. Molly is most excellently suited to thoroughly wearing out Silas and Seamus. And did I mention that Meg's latest book PORCUPINE has been nominated for a BC Book Award? We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for her!


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