Friday, February 13, 2009

Calling all Guildies...

As I type these words, my son sits beside me, deep in battle on World of Warcraft.

I can hear you now -- shock emanating from every pore -- spluttering: "How can you allow this? It's an insidious game, taking your sweet boy away from his first true love -- his studies."

Ah. Well, perhaps your thoughts are not quite along those lines. And it's possible that his studies don't exactly qualify as the boy's first true love. (Just for the record, there's no school today...)

All this to say that perhaps I might have some small [teeny] interest in the game myself. But since my life presently doesn't allow me to immerse myself in RPG, instead, I sit beside the boy as he slays monsters, and once a week I indulge in The Guild.

Brain child of Felicia Day, it's an internet program about what happens to the lives of a group of on-line players when they meet on the outside. The final episode of the second season is due on Tuesday, so my gift to you is a chance to catch up on any missed episodes before the season finale, HERE.

Felicia is a colleague of Joss Whedon (having appeared in both Buffy and Dr. Horrible), and Joss's show Dollhouse premieres tonight.

So, if you'll just excuse me, I have to gather with my Guildies, and go watch...


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