Friday, February 20, 2009

Northern Voice '09 Live Blog three...Death of Advertising

Death of Advertising...some very interesting ideas being put forward by Chris Heuer... he contends advertising as we now know it must die -- Instead by educating people you build trust -- you add value to your product. the means of production no longer require you to have to spend money on advertising. (Uses Will it Blend as an example... selling blenders due to an amazing demo and very low costs). Advertising money needs to be spent on relationship building rather than transaction-driving -- a huge change. A return to real marketing -- matching your product or service with the people who most will benefit from it. Interupt-driven advertising is dying --PigPen is the epitome of social media -- messy, whirling dervish, he is who he is.

So here's the thing -- when your product is books and the advertising expert says he hasn't read any books lately -- he gets all his info from blogs... is one left feeling depressed or invigorated by the challenge?

More soon!



Ursula Maxwell Travels said...

Blogs ARE a form of advertising....

kc dyer said...

In a good way, wouldn't you say?