Monday, February 16, 2009

iPhone Fog

Spent most of the day in a tech-induced fog, engaged in communication (if you can call it that) with two telecom giants in an ultimately successful bid to get my new iphone to work.

It's a very cool little piece of equipment, and perhaps one day (if I give up writing and any other shot at gainful employment) I may figure out how to use the thing.

For now I am just messing around with it.

If you have any unbeatable suggestions for Apps, feel free to note them in the comments. I am weak. I'm sure I'll have to give them a try...

Two other things of note: the geek-fest I have been looking forward to for a whole year is here again -- Northern Voice Blogging and Social Media Conference runs this weekend up at UBC. (I am still looking for a ticket for Saturday, so if you've got one give me a shout...)

And the Tuesday tell-all is up at the CWILLblog -- citing (of all things) my messy desk as inspiration for the week's topic of choice. Hop over and have a look!

I just remembered a third thing -- my author buddies Lee Edward Fodi and James McCann are en route to Korea on high-powered Secret Agent business this week -- have a great time, guys!



Wendy said...

Another iPhone convert! I love mine, and the phone is the least of it, really.

Highly recommended: Stanza, which lets you download and read books on your phone. If you get the desktop app too (for Mac or Windoze), you can convert many different types of file (including Word files) into formats you can read on the phone.

Evernote, for keeping photographic track of all those things you want to remember - receipts, business cards, price tags, items you want to buy when they go on sale, you name it.

Remote, which lets you run your iTunes from your phone.

Enjoy it! And congratulations!

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Wendy. Great ideas!