Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fire In the Sky

Another long, weird day. One that requires contemplation prior to articulation. But it ended with quite a show of fire in the sky, so I'll share that instead of verbiage tonight. Not sure which shot I like better... so you get both.

Wishing you peace and safety and the love of those you hold most dear.



JulianEdward said...

here is that sky - a bit earlier perhaps - from Bowen Island

JulianEdward said...

oh - actually horseshoe bay - i'm looking at a 'brightkite' map belonging to 'smith' (Richard Smith)

kc dyer said...

Oh, VERY cool, Julien. I think his was taken maybe five minutes before mine. I looked at the sky, ran for my camera, but I wanted to change lenses, so it cost me some light...

Thanks for sharing!