Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roald Dahl's Desk

My desk is a mess.

Not much new in that -- every once and a while I need a good excavation to clear things away, and now is pretty much the time.

Writing spaces are always interesting -- currently my desk is filled with paper (natch) and arcana -- gargoyles, a model of a tower in Portugal where I set a chase scene in SHADES OF RED, my steampunk clock, a rubber bat, a few skulls, a little sumo given to me by writer Linda Gerber many years ago, pictures, sketches, driftwood, crows, rocks, spiders, swords, rats, books on weaponry, plus all the techie paraphenalia and so much more I don't dare even list it.

I'm in awe of those who can write in spartan spaces -- don't really understand how it is done, but admire 'em all the same.

Just for fun, here's a writing space that might interest you ... a pretty plain little spot for the creation of so many marvellous stories!

Roald Dahl's Writing Hut

Someone tweeted this link to me, but I've lost the attribution. Sorry...


PS Happy Valentine's Day to all who engage in that sort of thing. Click HERE to add a little sugar to someone's day...


Carol Garvin said...

Loved the peek, kc. It made me take a second look at my own. A cluttered desk sends me out to the kitchen table in search of space, and since that's where I'm currently working I think my desk must be due for an overhaul. :)

kc dyer said...

Hi Carol,

You know, I really should post a pic of my desk -- it would make so many other authors feel good about themselves, their organizational ability, their tidiness....