Friday, February 20, 2009

Northern Voice '09 Live Blog One...Geek Alert

9:12 am

Okay -- made it here this morning, the bridges were BOTH miraculously clear and the sun is shining just like it was last year. The karma gods love Northern Voice!

In a flurry of geek euphoria, I even managed an iphone tweet while in line for registration. I downloaded Twitterific this week, but coulnd't get it to work, so I tried Twitterfone and it did the trick.

Just got a picture of my buddy Dale helping set up the speaker connections at the front of the room. I haven't actually seen him in person, yet, so this qualifies as cyberstalking, I believe. But he's one of the organizers here, so he's fair game. Since this is a live blog, I'll go back in and insert the pix tonight. [Edited to add screen shot of opening remarks -- full joint, as usual].

Overheard: "Nice to meet you -- you look just like your iPod." Must have mis-heard.

Darren Barefoot is here this year -- met him over a Skype line last year, as that's how he attended from wherever he was in Asia. He was a featured speaker at SiWC in 2008, bringing blogging to the writing world. Caught a glimpse of Boris in the distance -- but so far those are the only faces I know.

Quite wrecked about not being able to attend tomorrow, but since I do have to take the girl off to the airport, I guess I should actually put the kid first. (But will be missing Nora Young. NORA YOUNG. Alas. Hopefully with the level of geeky enthusiasm here, someone will vlog her keynote.

Keynote this morning is Stewart Butterfield. Will report in when he starts.


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