Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th -- Draw Day!

Lots going on around here at kc dyer central....

Tonight is the BIG draw for a week's worth of books over on DARBY SPEAKS, plus a bonus draw for a special reader. That's 8 prizes to be given away! You must add your entry before 6 pm tonight to be eligible to win.

Check out Darby's blog HERE.

The book launch for A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW was a success last night at North Vancouver Kidsbooks -- many thanks to Susan and Diana for all their help and support, and to my sweet friend, writer Kathy Chung, who arranged for childcare, made the trek from Richmond, helped set up and stayed to clean up. A true friend! And thanks to all my other friends who came to celebrate with me and share the evening with Darby.

Speaking of Darby, over at writer Linda Gerber's blog, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW is being featured (along with an interview of its author) on Linda's Freebie Friday. You can win a copy of the book, too! Check it out HERE.

Now -- the question of the moment. Just who is that woman hiding behind all the BC wildlife in the photo above? I can see a bear, owls -- even fish....

Care to make a guess? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below for a chance to win a signed copy of her new book! Once you've done that, head over to DARBY SPEAKS to read an interview with this amazing author.

Celebration of Darby's new book continues with interviews and book draws all month on Darby Speaks . And I have to say, some VERY -- uh -- interesting facts about some very popular writers are emerging in Darby's interviews. Make sure to join in the fun!


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