Monday, March 30, 2009

These Eyes....

Are going to show their true colours over on Darby Speaks, just moments from now.

But in the meantime, much to do, many tabs to close.

The first month of celebration is coming to an end for the arrival of A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, but the fun does not end here. This Sunday I'll be doing a book signing with authors James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi at the Strawberry Hills Chapters in Surrey, BC from 1-4 pm. I'll put a copy of the poster up here tomorrow.

We're thinking up something fun to make it a special event -- hope you can make it!

I make an appearance today on Liviania's In Bed With Books blog today. Stop by and leave a comment to grab a chance to win a copy of A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW.

And lastly, a link to the reason I am not flying Virgin Airways when I head off to the UK in May....HERE. (THE funniest airline letter ever...)


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